The cinnamon, warming-up balm is a highly effective aromatherapeutic preparation with very powerful warming properties. This effect is achieved by incorporating one of the warmest essential oils – cinnamon oil. On application, THERMO-BALM boosts circulation even in deeper-lying tissue. THERMO-BALM’s warming effect in the area of application, combined with an increased physical activity and the resulting metabolic boost, stimulates the metabolizing and burning of fat as well as the removal of excess water from tissues. THERMO-BALM can also be employed in the sought-after body contouring or weight reduction procedures, the latter being in high demand by both men and women. It needs to be pointed out that when using THERMO-BALM physical exercise has to be done for the effect to be noticeable. It is known that fat is metabolized in the body particularly in the warmest areas. THERMO-BALM plays in this the role of an active marker. Through its action, that is by warming up the treated regions, it will start the above mentioned process. Using the preparation, you may notice improved joint mobility, reduced pain and muscle tension. It is appropriate to use THERMO-BALM during the rehabilitation of injured joints, muscles, tendons, bone fractures, and rheumatic arthritis. Cinnamon essential oil is part of the cream base, formed solely by vegetable oils, which facilitates the penetration of its active ingredients into the skin.

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