Thai massage

Thai massage is a method of work with a body connecting elements from acupressure and yoga. Thanks to a lot of stretching manoeuvres it is often called as "applied hatha yoga". Enormous concentration, suspected, not visible power, perfectly aligned movements - that is Nuad Boran (Thai "ancient massage").

Imagination of energetic routes going through the whole body is the basis of Thai medical apprenticeship. Indian origins and influence is obvious as the whole theory stands on a philosophy of yoga. Inside of it is the life energy (called Prana) accepted together with the air you breath and the food you eat. Because of the network of energetic lines (Prana Nadi) the human being is powered by life energy. Energetic lines are invisible and impossible to prove. They create the "second skin" or other body covering the "rough" physical body.The Energetic body (Pranamaya Kosha) consists of lots of energetic routes, it is said up to 72.000. Thai massage picked from this huge amount ten main routes: sib sen, it means ten Sens.

Pressure points, which lie on the routes, can be considered as some kind of "windows" which open the body. Through these windows there is being made a change of energies between the body and its surroundings, creating a balance between man and universe. Disorders in streaming of energy lower a level of Prana in a body and aim towards development of diseases. Working on energetic routes together with massage of preassure points removes blocks, supports free flow of Prana and regenerates health and relaxed feeling.

Appropriate use:

  • muscles and back pain
  • work or personal ballast, stress, disability to relax
  • athletic sports, dance, physical labor
  • regeneration, rehabilitation
  • psychosomatic disorders

Healing use of Thai massage is not limited just for the motion system. Great effects are noticed with treating back pain or headache, exhaustion, stress disorders and psychosomatic problems. There are also good effects with treating panic disorder and fatigue syndrome.

Thai massage is not suitable for fresh post-traumatic conditions, patients with osteporosis or varicose veins. It is necessary to be very careful with patients with circulatory diseases and during pregnancy.

Styles and schools

Some masseurs and teachers do not agree with dividing the styles on North and South. They say that there exists a school of "Wat Po style", which dominated in last century. Original "Nuat phaen boran", according to them, didnt consist of yoga positions, which got into a school of Wat Po at the begining of 20th century.

North style

  • probably more connected with the folk Thai masseurs
  • softer than the others, emphasis is on work on legs and energetic routes
  • characteristic is a rythm and slow fluent loosening
  • regeneration, rehabilitation
  • it is taught in North Thai city Chiang Mai

South style

  • mostly spread, official schools teach this style
  • more manipulative, using faster movements
  • it is taught in Wat Pho temple in Bangkok
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