Shiatsu is a holistic method of healthcare. It is a system of massage techniques originally coming from Japan, but is based on much older basics of oriental massage techniques and on philosophical foundations of oriental, primarily Chinese, medicine.

Shiatsu is an autonomous natural system of healthcare, which comes from Japan and is influenced by Chinese and lately also by western discoveries. Its theoretical and practical roots are inspired by ancient philosophical and healing traditions of the Far East and a holistic understanding of life and healing based on these philosophies.

The aim of shiatsu is to start up and support processes of natural self-healing, state of contentment and health and personal growth, to keep the health through balancing of the energetic system of each individual. The method is using pressure and using energetic and physical touches on energetic routes and points of the body with an aim to settle up a circulation of corporeal energy (qi).

It can also help people getting through a personal crisis, heavy times or a process of change. It can help with removing a wide spectrum of physical and psychological disabilities.

The practice of shiatsu during app. one hour session works on body - its physical (muscles, joints, ligaments, skin) and also energetic (routes, points) structures, using adequate pressure with thumbs, fingers, palms, optionally with elbows, knees or feet. Also passive stretching of limbs, rotation of joints, etc. can be used, always in regards which routes are being treated. At the beginning the treatment is more dynamic, gradually, how the client loosens up, the touches get slower and deeper.

The practitioner kneels in a position called seiza or moves around the body, it depends on the need. His / her pose and attention comes out from Hara - abdomen, where the energetic centrum of the bodyis , according to Eastern knowledge. Before each massage there is an interview about the troubles (past and the present) and evaluation of the current status by observation and examination of specific zones on body. Afterwards the practitioner will decide on which routes he/she will work on. The massage is being done on the ground on a mattress, called futon, and the client is dressed the whole time. At the end the practitioner might recommend about diet or show the client suitable exercises. Usually it is necessary to come for several sessions to treat one problem, the intervals between the sessions differ with each individual.

Indication of shiatsu

Shiatsu is a greate preventive method. It is a prevention of both acute and chronical diseases. It helps to relief from stress, emotional pressure and it enables an optimal function of immunity system, which is usually limited by stress.

Obvykle je třeba přijít s jedním problémem na ošetření několikrát, i intervaly mezi ošetřeními se u různých lidí liší.

Shiatsu is suitable for:

  • exhaustion, lack of energy
  • insomnia
  • headache
  • breathing problems
  • digesting problems
  • pain in musculoskeletal system, back or neck pain, pain in big joints
  • gynecological problems - menstrual disorders (heavy, too often, painful, irregular, repeated inflammation), functional infertility
  • support during pregnancy (except the first trimester), support after childbirth
  • support during the change of lifestyle (reduction of overweight, changes in diet)

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