Spa relaxing aroma massage

Spa relaxing aroma massage, also unabbreviatedly called aromatherapy massage, is a relaxing massage associated with the healing effect of essential oils. Thanks to pleasant gentle long strokes the body slowly releases, the person being massaged "sinks" into deeper layers of self-perception and is more accessible to processes which have been induced by the effects of essential oils. High-performance essential oils penetrate the body through the skin while being inhaled. During massage the essential oils of the skin get into the lymphatic and bloodstream. Therefore, the client should not shower after the aroma massage to make the essential oils still work.

Essential oils are aromatic concentrated plant extracts, obtained by traditional methods such as cold distillation and cold pressing, which retain the therapeutic attributes of the plant. Each parts of plants - flowers, fruits, roots, leaves, bark, wood - contain essential oil and give us the most effective natural remedies. Each oil has its unique features which are used for specific purposes. Some features are common to many oils - they are antiseptic and most of them have strong antiviral and antibacterial effects. Some oils stimulate the body, the mind, or the emotions, while others soothe. Essential oils are selected in the massage blend for each client in a targeted manner to help eliminate their health problems and bring their body into balance.

Warning: : After a massage some clients may experience a reaction that occurs in a variety of ways: fatigue, headache, sometimes elevated temperature, nausea ... Do not be afraid, it is a natural reaction to the body and such problems should go away within 1-2 days after the massage.
Contra-indications of aroma massage:

  • open wounds and bruises
  • recent operations
  • Infectious disease (including influenza or fever)
  • high blood pressure
  • cancer diseases
  • skin infections
  • burns
  • inflammation
  • after eating heavy food or alcohol

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