Lymphatic drainage - vacupress

Lymphatic drainage is a special healing method which supports flushing the waste substances from the body. It can be considered as an instrument of detoxication. Thanks to lymphatic drainage we can get rid of stored toxic substances which are harmful for a human body. Another importamt aspect of lymphatic drainage is speeding up the flow in lympf riverbed and support of metabolism of the organism. Lymphatic drainage in an important way supports immunity system. In these times it is more often used more for cosmetic purposes, for example it helps to remove cellulite. Another undeniable advantage is the lymphatic drainage helps to a better metabolism and a better physical condition which can lead to weight loss.

Before each lymphatic drainage it is important to loosen important lymph nodes to prevent their blockages. During the lymphatic drainage there could be a risk of accumulation of lymph in front of a node, which is unfavourable.

Lymphatic drainage can be done in two ways - manual or done by an instrument.

Lymphatic drainage done by an instrument is a very modern and effective method which efficiently influences a lymph flow. It is mostly recommended in a case of chronic venous insufficiency, cellulite, varicose ulcers, arthroses, circulatory disorders, gynecologic problems etc.. On the other hand it is not recommended in a case of liver or kidneys diseases, acute oncological diseases, serious hart diseases, skin problems, also acute inflammation of veins, infection disease or during neurologic disease like for example epilepsy.

Lymphatic drainage with using of a device Vacupress

This is a special massage done by using a vacuum device Vacupress. Vacupress operates on the principle of adjustable vacuum which does the lymphatic body massage and facial. Skin and subcutaneous tissue is sucked under pressure into different sized flasks, due to this is created an intense blood flow. Because of the vacuum the subcutaneous fat is crushed into micro droplets that are extracted and expelled to the lymphatic system of the body. Thanks to the massage device Vacupress is lymphatic system bestirred and toxic substances, which are one of the causes of cellulite, are being removed from the body. The proper function of lymph in the body may help with removing cellulite, firming the body and to reducing the physical volume.

Effects of vacupress:

  • detoxification of the body
  • removing cellulite
  • shaping and firming figure by activating collagen and elastin
  • downsizing to a few centimeters
  • Currently the most effective fight with cellulite

Number of treatments is individual. It is usually recommended 10 or more treatments, but sometimes less is enough. In any case, advance personal consultation is appropriate. From my experience and the experience I can recommend treatment Vacupress as the most effective methods of slimming. I’ve been using this method for 17 years and I have the best experience in terms of efficiency. Another excellent use of the device Vacupress is facial lymphatic drainage – “facelift”. That works on the principle of adjustable vacuum which sucks the skin fold of the face, neck and decollete. The skin is being freed of toxic substances and excess water and thereby depriving face edema. Treated parts are being oxidized and supplied by blood. After treatment, the skin looks considerably younger, freshen up and hydrated. Small wrinkles are smoothed. Regular treatment prevents the formation of new wrinkles, sagging and tired skin. Strengthens the so-called double chin and bags under your eyes disappear, which can be caused by poor function of the lymphatic system. Also favorable effect on acne. Thanks to the intensive blood supply leads to activation of collagen and elastin in the dermis and thereby strengthens the skin within a few treatments. The treatment is additionally supported by using quality organic cosmetics for face - brand Karel Hádek.

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